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(Released June 6, 2019)
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2019 Summer Camps for Kids
Oldham County History Center
106 N. Second Ave., La Grange, Ky

Each summer the Oldham County History Center offers unique opportunities for children to experience hands-on history. This year we are changing things up a bit and offering three consecutive Hometown History day camps for children ages 7-12 on Friday’s in July.  In addition, the 2019 Archaeology Field Institute gives participants the chance to take part in archeological investigations at a local antebellum site. Pre-registration is required for all camps and must be made one week prior to the start of camp.

Friday Hometown History Day Camps:

Friday, July 12 – All About La Grange. Learn about the founding of La Grange through a courthouse square walking tour, Main Street treasure hunt, Rob Morris home tour, farm activities in the Dahlgren Pioneer Barn such as using an antique wringer washer, and related crafts.

Friday, July 19 – Revolutionary Beginnings. Learn what life was like when Oldham County was first being settled. Participants will get to do some hearth cooking in the Dahlgren Pioneer Barn, build a fort, practice militia maneuvers, explore the Colonial Garden and learn about the clothing, lifestyle and culture of the first settlers and Native Americans.

Friday, July 26 – Oldham County:  the Antebellum Years. Learn about Oldham Counties’ ties to the Underground Railroad, slavery, conductor Delia Webster, slave-turned-abolitionist Henry Bibb and the archaeology program conducted at the Oldham County History Center. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the root cellar, walk to a local African American Cemetery, use an antique printing press, and learn about a slave owning family, the Mount family, who once lived in the J.C. Barnett Library & Archives building.

All Hometown History day camps include a tour of the museum, built in 1840 during the antebellum period. All three camps run from 10 am-3 pm., cost is $15 per child/$13 for members, includes snacks and lunch. Camps are great for kids who love exploring and being outside. Led by History Center Educator/Genealogist Helen McKinney.

Monday - Friday, July 22 – 26 – Archaeology Field Study. 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Cost is$150 per person/scholarships available. This camp is for ages 13 and older. It takes place at the Henry Bibb Escapes/Gatewood Plantation site in Trimble County with noted archeologist Jeannine Kreinbrink. Also includes a field trip to Cincinnati to the Freedom Center. This camp is sponsored by the Peyton Samuel Head Trust. Led by Nancy Stearns Theiss, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Oldham County History Center.

Pick up a registration form for summer camps at the History Center, 106 N. Second Ave., La Grange, or call 502-222-0826 or email helen@oldhamcountyhistoricalsociety.org.

**Registration form attached.

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