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Want to nominate a Living Treasure? Submit a letter, 300-500 words, describing why the nominee should be a Living Treasure recipient. Email us at info@oldhamcountyhistoricalsociety.org, or mail the letter to: Living Treasure, Oldham County History Center, 106 N. Second Ave., LaGrange, KY 40031





Honoring Our Elders: The Living Treasures Program

In 2007 The Oldham Era and Oldham County Historical Society launched The Living Treasures Program that honors elders in Oldham County. The Living Treasures Program publicly recognizes people, 70 years and older who have generously served our community with kind hearts and good deeds. Their oral histories and photographs are recorded, archived and made available to the public at the Oldham County History Center. 

Each month a nominee is selected and featured in a one page spread in the Oldham Era which is a local newspaper in Oldham County. Eleven nominees are selected and then honored in a January reception at the Oldham County History Center. 

The Living Treasures program in Oldham County is modeled after the New Mexico Living Treasures Program that was founded by peace activist and minister Mary Lou Cook, along with friends, in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1984. Inspired by Gandhi’s advice, ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world,’ the group wanted to do something that wasn’t being done- express appreciation for the important contributions of our Elders. Modeled after traditions from Japan, it is a simple concept of honoring those Elders in communities who make a difference. 

To qualify for nomination the nominee must have some connection with Oldham County- either as a past or current resident or native of the area. The nominee should demonstrate qualities such as civility, respect, authenticity, spirit, continuity, integrity, peace, inspiration, kindness, simplicity, wisdom, courage, serenity and love. 


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