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Thanks for your support!!!  The following are community givers to our Campus Renovation Campaign.  Add to our page!!

Nancy Theiss receives a check from Fortitude Lodge # 47, LaGrange.  Left to Right:

Harold Blandford, Junior Warden, Nancy Theiss, Bill Meyer, Master of the Lodge, Jim Stephens, Chaplain, Randy Bunting our Senior Deacon. 


Nancy Theiss accepts a check from Jim Zimmerman, CUB Bank for the Campus Renovation Campaign

LaGrange Rotary President Jonathon Westbrook presents a $10,000 check to Nancy Theiss and Bob Martin for the e Campus Renovation Campaign.

Project Guild Treasurer Doreen Goodwin presented a $3000 check to Nancy Theiss for the Campus Renovation Campaign.

Campus Renovation Chair Teri Miller and History Center Volunteer Phil Green present Oldham County Judge David Voegele with a handcrafted gavel in appreciation of the $100,000 gift from Fiscal Court to the Campus Renovation Campaign.