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The Oldham County Historical Society preserves, collects and conveys the history of Oldham County by telling the story of its people and the events that shape its development, using the objects and artifacts that illustrate and symbolize that history.


The Oldham County Historical Society will provide an environment in which the life of the past is experienced in the present. Through its exhibits, programs, events and activities, it will engage people in a dynamic process of thought, participation, and action. It will strive to affirm the importance of individual and collective community memory to develop a more enlightened society. 


The Oldham County Historical Society will create, maintain, and manage for the benefit of all the people of Oldham County:

• A physical presence 
• An organizational structure
• A strong financial base and an endowment
• Staff and volunteers
• Collections
• Exhibits
• Educational programs
• Activities and special events
• A publications program