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2018 Walking and Cemetery Tours

We offer walking and cemetery tours through some of our historic towns, 19th Century cemeteries and villages in Oldham County. Available April through October for groups of 5 or more.

Walking Tours Available for Groups of 5 or more: $5 per person.  Available Tuesday through Sundays must call for reservations. Walking Tours available in LaGrange and Westport. Special emphasis on the Underground Railroad and Freemasonry.



Welcome to Westport, a town established when the corridor of the Ohio River opened the Western Frontier. Rich in Native American history, Westport witnessed the rise of steamboat traffic to the border of freedom as people sought refuge from the chains of slavery. Price includes visits to the old courthouse and Westport school.


A pioneer train town where the Kentucky Masonic College became a center for freemasonry and sympathies between the North and South were split. Laws were made and broken as the Antebellum and Reconstruction years clashed. Price includes admission to the museum on the history center campus.

Pewee Valley:

A snapshot of the Old South was captured through the pen of Annie Fellows Johnston as she created The Little Colonel series of children’s books based upon the lives of the real people and places in this historically preserved southern town.














Ohio River Cruises

Sip cocktails and indulge in a special lunch as you cruise in the Captain Quarters yacht The Princess that can accommodate up to 100 people.  Your guide and host is author, history columnist and executive director Nancy Theiss as she describes the important sites and places where American history was made.

Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, October 11 –Ohio River Underground Railroad Lunch Cruise. The Ohio River was the borderland for freedom seekers. Special guest appearances.  Learn about Underground Railroad conductors and the freedom seekers who helped break the chains of enslavement while aboard the Captain’s Quarters Princess yacht. 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. $45 per person includes lunch and non-alcoholic beverage. Cash bar available. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by calling 502.222.0826.


Wednesday, July 12 Ohio River History Bourbon and Brew Cocktail Cruise. A special summer evening cruise aboard the Captain’s Quarters Princess yacht  from 6:00-8:00 p.m while sampling local bourbon and beer productions.  $65 per person. Cost includes  tastings, heavy appetizers with non-alcoholic beverage. Cash bar. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED:  502.222.0826.



















Group Tours for Vans & Buses

Must schedule for reservations in advance. Fees do not include rental or fee for van or bus which must be arranged by the group. Please call the history center for information at 502-222-0826 or email: info@oldhamcountyhistoricalsociety.org


Cemetery Tours highlighting the Civil War and the Underground Railroad

Visit sacred grounds where narratives of lives are written in stone. Includes visits to slave burial grounds and the burial grounds of Confederate Soldiers.  $25 per person includes admission to the history center museum. 


The Underground Railroad and Civil War County Tour offered Year Round

This tour includes visits to unusual sites along designated a National Scenic Route that include African American cemetery with slave and Union soldier gravesites, a confederate cemetery, and historic churches. Special stops at the historic towns of Westport, LaGrange and Pewee Valley.  Includes admission to the Oldham County History Center. In addition, special arrangements can be made for lunch or dinner for an extra charge.  Please call the history center for information at 502-222-0826. $25 per person


Walking Tours for Vans, Special Groups and Buses offered Year Round

Schedule for Reservations:  Any of the Walking Tours can be scheduled for large groups with advance reservations on other days. In addition, special arrangements can be made for lunch or dinner for an extra charge. $15 per person.


Ohio River Cruise

This special cruise can accommodate up to 100 people and can include lunch or evening cocktail cruise. Special emphasis on these tours emphasize the Ohio River as the gateway to the Western Frontier and as the borderland for the Underground Railroad.  Alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.  Reservations must be made two months in advance. $45 per person for lunch, $55 per person for cocktail evening cruise.